Samstag, 30. Januar 2016

Stefan Theiler's campaign for MAYOR OF BERNE

In order to take over the navigation wheel for the city of Berne next year I launch for my campaign a 270 days Live-Show in and around my movie and music pharmacy "Videoapotheke Dr. Strangelove" on Rathausgasse 38. Inspiration for this campaign is Peter Weirs TRUMAN SHOW.

Five hours a day I will slip into the role of Jim Carrey. Further locations are Bundeshaus, retirement house, school house, clochard meeting points, bars and so on. One motion picture a day - mostly Swiss Movies, American Classics, Documentaries, Chlidren Movies and European cinéma d'auteur - will navigate through the encounters.

Everybody who is filmed will be informed. DRS 5 will corporate with the federal data protection.

I call the show in honor to my holly 19 times grand,grand...father Nicolas of Flüe BIG BROTHER KLAUSEN-SHOW oder NEULAND HEIMATLAND. The wonderful live show can be watched on and will mediate encounters and integrations skills in a playful and exciting way.

The show takes place from 27.2. to 27.11.2016 five hours a day. I do this campaign because I believe that encounters, conversations and mediations can lead to a more efficient social welfare state with more effective results on the citizens of Berne. More demo IS crazy.

In order to launch the campaign in time I need 55'000 CHF. Please donate on
IBAN: CH91 0900 0000 3125 3958 9 Konto: 31-253958-9
PS: Thanks to Daria Marchik, mother Russia, for the iconic pigtschr. Ja te ljublju!

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