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Mutual Peace Engagement - Conference on the war in Ukraine | Koenig | Bosshard | Peske | McGovern

With conflict-parties of Russia and USA/Nato at the negotiation-table in Switzerland, June 12th 2024
Introduction: 15./16. June, the Swiss Government organized the second so called peace conference within 6 Month. In January – before and during the WEF in Davos – Russia was not invited. How shall a conflict be ended, if – again – Russia is not at the negotiations-table on Bürgenstock-Ressort?

How shall the Swiss government be reliable, if the ministers support an economic war against the people of Russia (EU Sanctions were immediately adopted by the Swiss Ministers in 2022), while illegal wars of NATO-States were never sanctioned by the Swiss authorities

This 12 minutes videos sums up the conference.

Structure of the Conference, from 14:00 until 20:00 (6-12-24):

The Mutual Peace Engagement – Conference took place in a scientific and fair atmosphere

0) Introduction: Alec Gagneux, founder of the conference and dialogue developer
1) The situation of the war. How do conflicts start? Interests? Ralph Bosshard (former Lieutenant Colonel, Switzerland) ...
2) Alexander Peske's point of view, representing interests of Russia.
3) The points of view of a person representing interests of the USA/ Nato: Ray McGovern (former CIA officer) by Zoom
4) How can the bloodshed and destruction be ended as soon as possible? (former Major Florian Pfaff, Germany)
5) Discussion, including Peter Koenig, who presented the macroeconomic Analysis

Walchwilerberg, June 21, 2024
Stefan Theiler aka DVD Dr. Strangelove from Bern Old Town

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